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Terms of Service 

Teacher’s Pets NC is a family owned and operated Pet Care Company. We are committed to loving and caring for our clients as if they were our own. We are committed to building relationships with all our pets, as well as their owners.

General Terms and Conditions: Teacher’s Pets NC will not have friends, family, or other persons who are not contracted, background checked, and individually insured in the home of a client at any time. Teacher’s Pets NC will perform all the duties to the best of our ability according to the desires and/or request of the owner/client, in a reliable and caring manner. We are committed to providing each pet with love and attention and to treat each pet as if it were our own. Teacher’s Pets NC reserves the right to refuse services or suspend services for non-payment at any time. 

Daily Visits-Terms and Conditions -Teacher’s Pets NC agrees to the following terms and conditions:We will perform the duties listed by the Pet Owner to the best of our ability, in a reliable and caring manner. Teacher’s Pets NC will keep secure and confidential any keys, passcodes, access numbers and personal information, and return them at the end of service or according to owner’s directions. Teacher’s Pets NC  will not be liable for any injuries to the dogs that are caused by animals or people outside of our control. Teacher’s Pets  will not be liable for any incident that occurs during transportation of animals to a vet, grooming, kennel or clinic. 

Overnight Stay- Terms and Conditions-Teacher’s Pets will perform the duties listed by the Pet Owner to the best of our ability, in a reliable and caring manner. Teacher’s Pets NC will keep secure and confidential any keys, passcodes, access numbers, Wi-Fi passwords and personal information, and return them at the end of stay or per owner’s directions. Teacher’s Pets NC will supply personal food and other personal items while they are in the Pet Owner’s home. Teacher’s Pets NC will not be liable for any injuries to the pets that are caused by animals or people outside of our control. Teacher’s Pets NC agrees to leave all areas of the Pet Owner’s home in a clean and orderly manner. Teacher’s Pets NC is not responsible for pools and/or hot tub-This is not a service that is provided at the time of our stay. Teacher’s Pets NC will be respectful to the clients, their homes and property. We will ensure security of their homes when entering and leaving their homes. Any violation of the aforementioned terms will be considered a breach of contract.

Transportation- Terms and Conditions-Teacher’s Pets NC will obey all traffic laws and posted speed limits while transporting pets. Teacher's Pets will, to the best of their ability, keep all pets secure and safe while in the vehicle. Teacher’s Pets NC  is not liable for any injuries done to the pet which was outside of his/her control.

Pet Parent- Expectations-The Pet Owner agrees to the following expectations:
_The Pet Owner will provide all required leashes, harnesses, muzzles, jackets and collars.  
_The Pet Owner agrees to provide Teacher’s Pets NC with all necessary instructions for contracted services.
_The Pet Owner will provide any medication, food, treats or special needs instructions for each of the animals. 
_The Pet Owner will be considered liable for any damages or injuries caused by the pets while under the care of Teacher’s Pets NC. 
_The Pet Owner agrees to request services via the Customer Portal. 
_The Pet Owner agrees to directly contact Teacher’s Pets NC for services and not the individual walker/sitter. 
_The Pet Owner understands this is in violation of Pet Sitter contract with Teacher’s Pets NC.
_The Pet Owner agrees to notify Teacher’s Pets NC if pet sitter attempts to solicit Pet Owner services outside of Teacher’s Pets NC.
_The Pet Owner agrees to pay for services rendered in a timely manner. All invoices will be “Due On Receipt” (*See Standard Payment Terms).

This Standard Payment Terms Agreement ("Agreement") is made and entered by and between
“Teacher’s Pets NC” and "Customer". “Teacher’s Pets NC” and “Customer” hereby agree as follows:

INVOICING: All invoices are based on a 7-day week, Monday to Sunday, the week prior to the
billing Monday. All services and fees are pre-generated based on the services you requested. Services are provided one week in advance on a good faith basis, no credit terms are expressed or implied, as such we need prompt payment.

WAYS TO PAY: We accept all major credit/debit cards through the online portal, which you will find a link on every invoice. Portal card
storage for automatic billing which can be setup in your Teacher’s Pets NC account and checks. Being mailed to: 311 E. Rowan St., Raleigh, NC 27609.

PAYMENT: Customer shall pay for the services, within seven (7) days of the date of Teacher's Pets
invoice. All invoices not contested in writing within three (3) business days of receipt are deemed accepted by customer as true and accurate and are payable in full. Duplicate payments are not refunded, they will be applied to your account as a credit. We ask that payment be made in the whole amount of invoice(s) due.

LATE FEES: Late fees per invoice will apply as follows: 14-days past due - $20; 21-days past due -$25.  At 30 days, suspension of services will apply and account will be turned over to collections. A judgement may be placed upon your credit. Returned check fees are charged at a rate of $35 per check each NSF fee is assessed and all applicable late fees.

SUSPENSION OF SERVICES: Any account with an invoice over 30 days past due or any invoice with a returned check will result in suspension of services. Services will only resume at the sole discretion of Teacher’s Pets NC when the account is brought current. Should suspension of service occur,  Teacher’s Pets NC will require PrePaid Services for all future requested services. 

COLLECTIONS: Teacher’s Pets NC reserves the right to refers such matters to an attorney or
collection agency should the account or invoicing become forty-five (45) days past due, Customer agrees to pay, in addition to the amounts due, all costs incurred by Teacher's Pets as a result of such action, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Any questions or concerns in regard to the Terms of Services mentioned above, please
contact (919)801-1873.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service provided by Teacher’s Pets NC.

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