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Pet Pawsitive’s Service Agreement 2.2


All of Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort Inc’s policies are designed for health & safety reasons for your pet(s) and to ensure your enjoyment of your services with Pet Pawsitive, therefore failure to comply with our policies may result in immediate removal from our services without refund. If you have any concerns or questions about our policies please call or email us today to discuss. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance and your questions/concerns will be met without judgement.


1.    CARE & CONTROL POLICY : All pets entering our facility must be under control at all times by the Pet Parent.


Dogs must arrive on a 5 or 6ft flat nylon lead with a secured collar or harness. Acceptable collars are belt buckle adjustable collars, gentle leaders, martingales and harnesses. We will decline dogs that are not on a lead or using extendable leashes or a stretchy lead.  Unacceptable collars are prong collars and any choker collar.


Cats must arrive in a secured cat carrier and if multiple cats are in one carrier the carrier must be large enough for all cats to stand up and move freely within the carrier. (If we ever had to evacuate our building, we need to use the carrier to remove the cats from the building). Also, cats cannot be wearing collars or harnesses, these pose a safety risk with getting caught in the kitty condos and in the kitty playroom.


Food -


All vacationing pets are required to arrive with enough food to cover the duration of the scheduled vacation plus 2 extra days, otherwise emergency contacts will be contacted to deliver more food. All pets are required to eat their regular diet while vacationing with us to prevent undue stress and upset tummies.


All 10 hr daycare dogs are required to have a snack midday and/or dinner to keep them nourished and to help reassure their suite is a pawsitive place. (Same concept as crate training)


2.    SAME DAY POLICY: If a client submits a service request after 6pm the night before or on the same day the services are required then a same day fee will be applied of $10(plus tax) to the invoice.


3.    LATE ARRIVAL POLICY: If a client is ever going to be late for their scheduled arival time, we ask that they call us ahead of time to give us a heads up, this will prvent a late fee charge. Each client has a 15 min window from their scheduled drop off time, to prevent late fee charges, however we ask that the client arrives as close to drop off time as possible to allow time for their pup to do their business outside prior to joining their play group.


4.   REFUND POLICY: Pet Pawsitive does not give refunds, when credit is due, the client’s account will be credited accordingly.




Daycare – Pet Pawsitive does not charge a cancellation fee for daycare services as long as the client submits their cancellation/reschedule request through PetSitClick prior to the scheduled drop off time. Pet Pawsitive cannot accept cancellations through phone calls, emails or Facebook messages. If the client fails to submit the cancellation request through PetSitClick prior to drop off, the client will be charged a “NO SHOW FEE” which is the full cost of the day scheduled.


Vacation: We do not reschedule vacationing services. Clients who want to change dates must submit a cancellation request and submit a new service request.  Clients have 24hrs from the time their service request was submitted to cancel without being subject to a cancellation fee, however the client will be subject to a $15 (plus tax) administration fee to cover Pet Pawsitive’s admin time.


Clients who submit a cancellation request 14 days or longer from the start of their scheduled vacation will not be subject to a cancellation fee, however the client will be subject to the $15 (plus tax) administration fee to cover Pet Pawsitive’s admin time. The deposit minus the admin fee will be credited to the client’s account.


Clients who fail to provide 14 days notice (from the start of the vacation scheduled) of cancelling the scheduled vacation will be subject to a cancellation fee (plus tax). Cancellation fees for dogs is $28.50 plus tax per night and cat clients will be charged $13.50 plus tax per night.


If a client fails to notify Pet Pawsitive of the cancellation prior to the start of the vacation, the client will be charged a “NO SHOW FEE” which is the full balance of the invoice.


If a client chooses to pick up their pet earlier than the scheduled Pick Up date and time then the client is forgoing the rest the vacation schedule and no refunds or credits will be granted.


6.   DOG PARK POLICY: AVOID Dog parks completely during the 4 week program. If your dog attends the dog park after 4 week program they must wait 14 days from last day before returning to our facility, this is to prevent any communicable diseases being spread, the dog park is an uncontrolled environment and pups are at risk of being exposed to unvaccinated dogs. If clients ignore this policy and their dog infects any other dog and/or causes an outbreak at Pet Pawsitive, if proven, they will be held liable for all costs associated with deep cleaning the facility, including extra hours for staffing, cost of cleaning products, and loss of revenue if the resort has to be shut down.


7.    KENNEL COUGH POLICY – Pet Pawsitive does their best to prevent kennel cough from entering our facility, we are diligent with our daily cleaning routine, however clients must be aware that kennel cough is a communicable airborne disease that is undetected for up to 14 days during this time they are contagious. Pet Pawsitive requires all dogs receive their Bordetella Vaccine and we require all clients to wait 7 days from the day they receive this vaccine from entering our facility. We also have our dog park policy in place year around. Even though we take all of these precautions, there is still a slight risk of dogs contracting this disease. The vaccine does not prevent this disease but it does boost the immune system to fight off the virus much quicker with less severe symptoms. All clients are required to notify Pet Pawsitive if they suspect kennel cough or if their vet diagnosed their dog with kennel cough. If we have a case of suspected and/or confirmed kennel cough, we will notify all clients via email and we will call the clients of the dogs directly exposed to inform them so they can stop the  spreading the virus and they will need to wait 14 days from the exposure date to return to our facility.  For the infected dogs, they will need to be 72 hours symptom free before returning to our facility.


8.   ILLNESS POLICY: – We require that all clients keep their pets at home if they are having an off day, not feeling well, eye infections, ear infections, injury, coughing, goopy eyes, runny noses, lethargic, etc. A dog that is not feeling well will be extremely irritable and have less tolerance for other dogs which could result in confrontation. Pet Pawsitive has the right to refuse service to any dog suspected of being ill.


9.   EMERGENCIES: All emergencies will be treated equally. All efforts will be made to reach the client and co-ordinate proper care. If a client cannot be reached, Pet Pawsitive will contact the emergency contacts listed on file and if unable to make contact, the client agrees to allow Pet Pawsitive to seek emergency veterinarian care by way of a on-call veterinarian if possible, otherwise your pets veterinarian will be contacted. Clients are responsible for all charges incurred for any and all treatments, medication or necessary surgery to your pet(s). Clients are required to have a payment plan set up with their veterinarian and/or emergency contact to pay for the medical care received directly. Pet Pawsitive will charge clients for any costs related to the emergency care in regards to transport if the emergency contacts are unable to transport the pet to the veterinarian for care.



It is mandatory for all clients to setup a client portal with PetSitClick. Each client is required to list their personal information, (spouse Included) full name (s), (First & Last), address, phone number and email address along with creating a profile for each pet that will be attending Pet Pawsitive with breed, age, spayed/neutered & care instructions including feeding and medication instructions. PLEASE do not send any hand written feeding instructions with your pet’s belongings, all care instructions must be updated 24 hrs prior to arrival for any service through your customer portal.

Each client is to list 2 valid Emergency Contacts other than themselves or spouse, including name, relationship and contact information in their PetSitClick portal. The client and spouse are considered primary contacts and will be attempted to be contacted first, prior to contacting emergency contacts.

New Dog Client Process

1. Meet & Greet or Over The Phone Interview (Mandatory) / Tour (Optional)

2. 4 Hr Social Assessment (Mandatory)

3. 4 week Program (Mandatory)

4. 10 hr day (Mandatory only if 1- 2 night vacationing services are desired)

5. Trial Night (Mandatory only if more than 2 night vacationing services are   desired)

6. Vacation Services Scheduled

New Cat Client Process

1. Schedule Vacationing Services


Have a back-up plan in place, in case we have to excuse your pet for any reasons, (as dogs become more comfortable, they become more confident and can start to show bully tendencies and some cats just do not do well away from their home.) ie. Professional Dog/Pet Sitter.




All services are required to be submitted through your PetSitClick portal including new services, changes or cancellations, we will not schedule services or make changes via emails, over the phone or voicemail.


To make changes to your services, please submit a change request through the View/Change/Cancel Tab. Please list the date and times you prefer to change to, there is no need to submit a new service request if making changes to a scheduled service.




For all drop off and pickups other than the Meet & Greet and the Social Assessment, please pull right up to the front door, call the resort and our staff will come and greet you. (Enter apt side, exit Shoppers Drugmart, to keep traffic flowing in one direction). For Meet & Greets and Social Assessments please park your car in a designated parking spot, look for Pet Pawsitive signs.






Staffing Hours - 7am-10pm 365 days a year.  

Administrative Hours 730am-6pm.

Drop off times - 7am -130pm (645am with $10 drop off fee)

Pick Up Times - 7am-930pm, if later than 930pm, pet will be mandated to spend the night, we need the last 30 mins to get vacationing pets settled in for bed.




Preferred Payment Method - Etransfer or EMT


Daycare Invoices - All Invoices are emailed to the client after the last dog arrives for the day, typically around 130pm, which is due to be paid prior to pick up on the day of the service or no later 930pm on that day. Once payment is received the client will be emailed the receipt of payment during regular administrative hours.

Prepaid Daycare Services- The payment in full is required prior to scheduling any prepaid service, once the payment is received the client will be emailed their payment receipt during regular administrative hours.


Vacationing Services - All clients are required to remit their 50% deposit within 24 hrs of receiving their invoice and balance is due prior to drop off on the first day of the scheduled vacation services. When the deposit is received the clients service request will be confirmed via email and the client will be emailed their receipt of payment during regular admin hours.


Pet Pawsitive will email one friendly reminder of over due payment, if payment is still not received by the extended time stated in the email, a late fee will be applied to the clients invoice.




Any pup who takes longer than a 3 month break from daycare is required to be reassessed or is returning from being spayed or neutered. Behaviours can change very quickly with dogs. It’s very important for dogs to attend daycare regularly to maintain their social skills, independence, confidence & coping skills




It’s mandatory to schedule a 10 hr trial day prior to short vacations of 1-2 nights (this allows us to introduce your pup to our suites)


It’s mandatory to schedule a trial night prior scheduling vacations longer than 2 nights. (This allows us to see how your pups does during the night and teaches your pup you are coming back for them).


Please either pre-portion meals and label them with Pets Name and Am or Pm or bring your pups food bag with the appropriate scoop.

Feeding schedule must be completed within Client’s Pet’s Profile with breakfast, lunch and/or dinner


Bring your pets beds and/or blanket from home to offer the familiarity and the comfort of home.




All puppies will be discharged at 7 months at the latest but can be discharged earlier if behaviour issues start to develop due to hormone development. We want to prevent any hormonal behaviours from becoming habitual.


Once your pup has been spayed or neutered, your pup is required to be reassessed prior to returning to daycare as behaviours can change due to hormones.

It’s extremely important for puppies to maintain a regular consistent schedule, ie. Same day and drop off time each week. This helps puppies prepare themselves for daycare, helps them be mentally prepare, help develop coping skills and can prevent anxiety.


After the completion of the 4 week program, it’s ideal for all puppies to stay consistent with twice a week 5hrs minimum, to allow them to practice their social skills, independence, confidence, play techniques, coping skills etc. practice is how they learn.


For 5 hour days, please bring crate for naps, helps with house training and offer familiar comfort to the pup.


For 10 hour Days, please bring meals and crate, meals in a baggie or container labelled with pet’s name & meal




3 strikes and you’re out! Any dog who is deemed unpredictable and/or causes 3 separate inceidents with another dog(s) will be permanently excused from Pet Pawsitive.




Please do not bring items with your Pet that are valuable or irreplaceable as Pet Pawsitive will not be held responsible for possible loss or damage to any personal item or toys left with your pet.




Pet Pawsitive will attempt to contact the client by telephone and/or in writing using the information that the client has provided, advising the client that if their Pet is not picked up within a reasonable time period, the client’s Pet will be deemed abandoned and that Pet Pawsitive will deliver the Pet to a third party adoption partner, animal shelter or other similar government agency. If the client fails to pick-up their Pet for any reason, the client releases Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort Inc. from all further liability and responsibility for the client’s pet.




The client represents to us that they are the owner(s) of the Pet and that they are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement. All of the information about the client and their Pet in this Agreement is true, accurate and complete. To the best of the client’s knowledge, their Pet has no illness, injury or behaviour problem (including aggressive or biting behaviour) that has not been disclosed to Pet Pawsitive. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Pet Pawsitive harmless, from and against all loss, damage or expense, including legal fees resulting from misrepresentations by the client or the client’s representatives or resulting from the clients Pet’s stay, including, without limitation, any person claiming to be the owner of the clients Pet and any person claiming damage or injury by the clients Pet.


The owner, parent, guardian or other representative (here in known as “the client”) acknowledges and are aware that the employees of Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort Inc. (herein known as “Pet Pawsitive”) are not veterinarians, do not have backgrounds in animal medicine and are not expected to diagnose or to detect illnesses, health problems or allergic reactions regarding the pet(s) staying at or visiting Pet Pawsitive. In addition, the client acknowledges that vaccines, although efficient, do not necessarily protect your pet(s) against all contagious illnesses that may affect your pet at Pet Pawsitive. The Client acknowledges and agrees that all activities, playtime and outings will be conducted in the presence of attentive and competent staff, ensuring the safety of all pets. All the necessary precautions will be exercised to ensure the safety of all involved; however, it is possible that incidents or injuries causing harm or even death to a pet(s) can happen. During such activities Pet Pawsitive or its staff cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the clients pet(s) during such incidents. The Client also acknowledges and agrees that the client is assuming all risks of illness, disease, reactions or incidents causing harm or even death, that may occur to the clients pet(s) by allowing the clients pet(s) to stay at or visit Pet Pawsitive. The Client also assumes all risks of damages and injuries or death caused by the Clients pet(s) to other pet(s), visitors or Pet Pawsitive’s employees or to any Pet Pawsitive’s assets and that Pet Pawsitive shall have no liability for any harm to such pet or damages involved to any of Pet Pawsitive’s assets. The Client acknowledges that Pet Pawsitive shall have no liability for any harm to such pet(s) or damages involved.