Thank you for setting up your account with Pet Pawsitive's Luxury Resort. We look forward to your pets vacationing with us and enjoying our daycare services. 

Once your account is set up, please log out and sign back in through the "Login to Your Account" button where you can request to book your services. Please keep in mind all dogs that visit our resort must complete a social assessment, so please book your social assessment first prior to any other services. 

If you have any questions or difficulties signing in please email me directly at 

Thank you for choosing Pet Pawsitive's Luxury Pet Resort. 


Tanya Dawes

Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort - Policies & Waiver

Hours - (7 days a weeks/365 days a year)

Staffed - 7am-10pm 
Admin Hours - 8am-6pm 
Dogs - Drop Off - 7am-130pm (645am is available at an extra charge due to staffing) 
Dogs - Pick Up - 7am-930pm 
Cats - Drop off 7am- 6pm
Cats Pick Up 7am-noon (if later than noon, full day charges apply) 

Our resort is closed to walk ins, please call 613-779-5900 at drop off or pick up and our staff will come and greet you. 

Scheduling Services 

Please "Always" include your drop off and pick up dates & times when submitting your service request. 

Please choose the correct service for your pets eg. Puppies services for Puppies who are intact and/or younger than 7 months old. 

To ensure we have availability and your services get scheduled in, please submit services requests with 24 hrs notice so we can staff accordingly. 

Drop Offs 

Drop offs are scheduled every 15 mins, starting at 7am -130pm. We ask that you arrive on time to allow your pup enough time in the back yard to do their business before they get placed into their designated play group. Late Fees do apply if clients arrive 15 min or later than their scheduled drop off time. 

Social Assessment Process:

All puppies and dog clients are required to complete their client and pet profiles prior to submitting their social assessment service request, (please contact your vet to give permission to them, allowing them to confirm vaccines with us). 

All clients will be contacted to schedule an over the phone interview so we can learn more about your pup prior to their assessment. During the phone interview we will schedule the 4 hr social assessment. 

Once the 4 hr social assessment is completed, our team will customize a 4 week program for your pup(s) based on the outcome of their assessment, this 4 week program is mandatory to ensure your pup becomes as comfortable as possible in our social environment at their own pace. Once the 4 week program is completed, then clients are able to use our services as they wish, keeping in mind we do require to see all pups once every 3 months, if they exceed 3 months than they will be required to be reassessed, this is a safety policy. (Dogs can lose their social skills very quickly as they age and/or develop unwanted social behaviours in a short period of time.) 

Please Note: All pup(s) are excused at the age of 7 months if they are intact. Once they are spayed/neutered they will be required to be reassessed due to hormonal changes.  

Trial Nights

For Safety reasons, all dogs are required to complete a trial night prior to any vacation that is longer than 2 nights in duration. This is to ensure your pup has time to get as comfortable as possible at our facility with our staff, adjust to our routine and become familiar and comfortable in their suite. We want their vacation to be as stress free and fun as possible for them.  


Pet Pawsitive prefers to accept e-transfers as source of payment, please e-transfer to and please include your invoice # in the memo. (Please do not send payment prior to receiving your invoice.) 
We can accept credit card over the phone, 3% credit card fee will apply. 

Daycare InvoicesPayment is due prior to pick up on the day of the service. Late fees do apply if payment is not received on the same day as the service. 
Vacationing Invoices50% deposit is due within 24 hrs of receiving the invoice to secure your booking, the balance is due prior to drop off at the start of the vacation. 


DAYCARE SERVICES:  Pet Pawsitive must be notified through the PetSitClick portal of the cancellation PRIOR to the Client’s drop off time to prevent being invoiced as a “NO SHOW” and being charged the full fee.  If Notified prior to drop off, there is no cancellation fee.

Pre-paid Daycare: If Clients submit their cancellation request prior to their scheduled drop off time for daycare, and include their rescheduled date and times, the prepaid daycare day will be rescheduled for the date requested unless it's past the expiry date of the prepaid package. 

The client will lose their prepaid day if the request is received after their drop off time or if they don't reschedule for a day prior to the expiration date of their package.   No Credits/refunds will be granted for Prepaid Daycare Packages. No Exceptions. Prepaid Daycare packages cannot be used toward vacationing services or any other service other than daycare. All pre-paid daycare packages expire within 60 days. ?


Clients will receive an invoice within 24 hrs from submitting their "vacation" request, requesting a 50% deposit to be paid within 24 hrs of the invoice being emailed to the client to secure the booking, The balance is due prior to drop off time scheduled. 

Clients do have 24hrs from the time the service request was submitted to cancel without being subject to a cancellation fee,  however, an administration fee of $15 will be charged for the administration time.  If the cancellation request is received less than 24 hrs from the drop off time scheduled then cancellation fees will apply.  

PLEASE NOTE: If Pet Pawsitive does not receive the deposit within 24 hrs the client is at risk of losing the booking to another client. We base our bookings on first come first paid. However, this does not mean that the original booking is automatically cancelled. If the client wishes to cancel they still must submit a cancellation request by using the View/Change/Cancel Tab. If Pet Pawsitive books another client within the suite that the deposit was not received for, the client will be notified immediately that their suite is no longer available, at which point the client will be invoiced the $15 plus tax administration fee.  

Pet Pawsitive does not issue refunds or credits if pets are picked up earlier than what is scheduled. Once the vacation starts the client is committed financially for the duration of their vacation.  

All cancellations must be received through your customer portal to be cancelled, the date the cancellation request submitted is the date that will be noted as the cancellation notification date. If cancellations are not received through PetSitClick or the client does not cancel their stay, they will be invoiced as a "No Show" for full rate of their stay.  


CANCELLATION FEES- (Dogs) Pet Pawsitive charges a $28.50 cancellation fee per night per suite unless 14 days notice is provided by the client prior to the first day booked by the client through PetSitClick ONLY. If 14 days notice is provided the full deposit minus the administration fee will be credited to clients account, if 14 days notice is NOT provided the client's account will be credited the deposit minus the $28.50 cancellation fee per night per suite. If the client shortens the stay of their pets once their pets vacation has begun there will be no refunds/credits warranted.    

CANCELLATION FEES- (Cats) Pet Pawsitive charges a $13.50 cancellation fee per night per suite unless 14 days notice is provided by the client through PetSitClick ONLY. If 14 days notice is provided the full deposit minus the administration fee will be credited to clients account, if 14 days notice is NOT provided the client's account will be credited the deposit minus the $13.50 cancellation fee per night per suite. If the client shortens the stay of their pets once their pets vacation has begun there will be no refunds/credits warranted. 


At time of receiving client's service request for social assessments for dogs or vacationing services for cats we contact the client's vet to confirm all vaccines are up to date which include: 


• Required vaccinations for dogs: Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis,
Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza)
• Required vaccinations for cats: Rabies, Panleucopen (Parvo & Distemper), Rhinotracheitis
(Herpes type 1).
• Cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered if older than 7 months of age and have all required
vaccines at least 7 days prior to any stay with PPLPR.


If your pet leaves before its scheduled departure date due to behavioural or health concerns or for any other reason there will be no refunds issued.


Please do not bring items with your Pet that are valuable or irreplaceable as Pet Pawsitive will not be held responsible for possible loss or damage to any personal item or toys left with your pet.


Pet Pawsitive reserves the right to refuse a pet displaying aggressive behaviour, aggression towards our staff members or to other pets staying at the Resort. 


All emergencies will be treated equally. All efforts will be made to reach client and co-ordinate proper
care. If a client cannot be reached, Pet Pawsitive will request emergency care by way of on call veterinarians if possible, otherwise your pets veterinarian will be contacted. Clients are responsible for all charges
incurred for any and all treatments, medication or necessary surgery to your pet(s). Pet Pawsitive will charge
clients for any costs related to emergency care and treatment of your pet(s).


I acknowledge that my emergency contact named in Pet Sit Click is aware they have been chosen. Is aware of my pets stay at the Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort  and is willing to pick up my pet in the event that my pet must leave before its scheduled departure day and will take responsibility for my pet in my absence. If my pet requires early pick up due to behavioural or health concerns it must be picked up by 9 PM or an additional charge of $50 per day will apply for private care.


In the event that a client or emergency contact does not pick up the clients pet on the agreed-upon
Departure Date, the client hereby authorizes Pet Pawsitive to continue to provide the daily Services as set forth in this Agreement at the client's expense. If such pet is deemed abandoned under provincial laws, Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort Inc. will use its discretion permitted by law to follow the Abandoned Pet Procedure.


Pet Pawsitive will attempt to contact the client by telephone and/or in writing using the information that the client has provided, advising the client that if their Pet is not picked up within a reasonable time period, the clients Pet will be deemed abandoned and that Pet Pawsitive will deliver the Pet to a third party adoption partner, animal shelter or other similar government agency. If the client fails to pick-up their Pet for any reason, the client RELEASES PET PAWSITIVE’S LUXURY PET RESORT INC. FROM ALL FURTHER LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CLEINT'S PET.


The client represents to us that they are the owner(s) of the Pet and that they are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement. All of the information about the client and their Pet in this Agreement is true, accurate and complete. To the best of the cleints knowledge, their Pet has no illness, injury or behaviour problem (including aggressive or biting behaviour) that has not been disclosed to Pet Pawsitive. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Pet Pawsitive harmless, from and against all loss, damage or expense, including legal fees resulting from misrepresentations by the client or the clients representatives or resulting from the clients Pet’s stay, including, without limitation, any person claiming to be the owner of the clients Pet and any person claiming damage or injury by the clients Pet.


The owner, parent, guardian or other representative (here in known as “the client”) acknowledges and are
aware that the employees of Pet Pawsitive’s Luxury Pet Resort Inc. (herein known as “Pet Pawsitive”) are not veterinarians, do not have backgrounds in animal medicine and are not expected to diagnose or to detect illnesses, health problems or allergic reactions regarding the pet(s) staying at or visiting Pet Pawsitive. In addition the client acknowledges that vaccines, although efficient, do not necessarily protect your pet(s) against all contagious illnesses that may affect your pet at Pet Pawsitive. The Client acknowledges and agrees that all activities, playtime and outings will be conducted in the presence of attentive and competent staff, ensuring the safety of all pets. All the necessary precautions will be exercised to ensure the safety of all involved; however it is possible that incidents or injuries causing harm or even death to a pet(s) can happen. During such activities Pet Pawsitive or its staff cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the clients pet(s) during such incidents. The Client also acknowledges and agrees that the client is assuming all risks of illness, disease, reactions or incidents causing harm or even death, that may occur to the clients pet(s) by allowing the clients pet(s) to stay at or visit Pet Pawsitive. The Client also assumes all risks of damages and injuries or death caused by the Clients pet(s) to other pet(s), visitors or Pet Pawsitive’s employees or to any Pet Pawsitive’s assets and that Pet Pawsitive shall have no liability for any harm to such pet or damages involved to any of Pet Pawsitive’s assets. The Client acknowledges that Pet Pawsitive shall have no liability for any harm to such pet(s) or damages involved.

The Client also acknowledges and agrees to Pet Pawsitive's Dog Park Policy as follows: All dogs must quarantine for 14 days from Pet Pawsitive starting the day after the last day the clients dog(s) have attended the dog park. The dog park is an uncontrolled environment where k9 contagious illnesses are known to present and therefore Pet Pawsitive discourages all clients from attending the dog parks to prevent spreading these contagious illnesses to other clients dogs at Pet Pawsitive. It can take up to 14 days for Kennel cough to present signs and symptoms, however during these 14 days, the infected dog is highly contagious.