Welcome and thank you for choosing Furry People Pet Sitting! This client portal is for current and prospective clients of Furry People Pet Sitting. The portal allows you to create an account and a profile for your pets. You can submit schedule requests for up to 24 hours prior to service visit time. You can also view your upcoming services and completed services.

All new home visit clients must schedule a complimentary "Meet & Greet" before services begin. Please use the "Schedule Services" button to request a Meet & Greet.

If you have questions about using the client portal please contact us at sdfurrypeople@gmail.com

Please read our service agreement thoroughly as our policies for scheduling, payment and cancellation have changed. 

Thank You!

Thank you for trusting Furry People Pet Sitting with your pets' care! We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, expert care for all companion animals including exotics. Whether you are going away or working long hours, Furry People Pet Sitting tailors our services to your pets’ specific needs. Safe, reliable pet services—and your peace of mind—are our ultimate goals. 

Pet Care Service Agreement


I. Procedures for New Clients

All new clients receive a complimentary initial consultation in their home with pets present. During the consultation we will:

  • Complete a detailed care sheet for all of your pet and home needs.
  • Review our responsibilities, procedures and policies.
  • Obtain two (2) copies of keys and/or entry codes.
  • Provide the client with a copy of our contract.
  • Obtain a key and/or entry codes


NOTE: Please provide us with TWO copies of your house key at the consultation.

Your sitter will be given a COPY of your key;

originals are kept in our office safe in case of emergency.

Most of our clients keep a key on file with us. However, if you do not wish to keep a key on file, please leave the key in a lockbox for your sitter.

We are sorry, but we cannot make special trips to return or pick up keys.


II. Scheduling

Online Booking through Pet Sit Click:

  • Clients will receive a login for our client portal.
  • Clients may access the portal through our website to request and view upcoming services, update pet profiles, and enter credit card information.
  • After a request is made, clients will receive a service confirmation via email. This is not a bill.
  • Please respond to the service confirmation so that we know the schedule is accurate.
  • Reservations are confirmed only after payment for services is complete.

Clients should use the online scheduling system for all requests in which more than 24 hours’ notice is being given. For last minute requests, please contact your sitter directly so that we can let you know right away if the preferred time slot is available.

Because emergencies, travel disruptions, and general complications do occur, we ask that all daily visit clients give us a two-hour window to begin service within their preferred time.

In our daily scheduling, priority is given to pets needing medication, crated pets, and puppies. Preferred times will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.


III. Payment

Payment is due at the time services are requested. 

  • We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards as well as Paypal, Square, and Zelle.
  • Clients may pay with cash or check at the consultation or receive an email invoice.  
  • Clients may also enter their credit card number into Pet Sit Click. After the service confirmation is sent, payment for services will be processed securely through Stripe.

IV. Cancellations

We understand that plans change, emergencies happen, and unforeseen circumstances may necessitate client cancellation of services. However, please understand that honoring your reservation means that other clients needing service may be turned away. So that we may serve everyone fairly, we have the following cancellation policies:

  • Services cancelled with less than twenty-four hours’ notice will be charged at the regular rate for that service.
  • Payment for services cancelled with more than twenty-four hours’ notice will be credited to the client’s account and valid for one year. Credits are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Note: Returning early from a trip is considered a cancellation. If your trip is shortened, please let us know as soon as possible.

Pet Care and Emergencies

Furry People Pet Sitting will care for your pets according to the pet care information sheet. Should sitters or management determine that additional care is needed, we will notify the client immediately.

If your pet is in need of emergency medical care, Furry People Pet Sitting will transport your pet to an emergency care facility and authorize emergency veterinary care according to the limits indicated by the client in the pet care information sheet. Client authorizes Furry People Pet Sitting to determine what constitutes a veterinary emergency. Client agrees to pay for all veterinary expenses incurred in the event of an emergency, up to any amount specified by client in the pet care contract.

Insurance and Liability

Furry People Pet Sitting carries General Liability Insurance that meets industry standards for pet care. We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitter's Associates. We have additional insurance for pets boarding on our premises. All sitters are bonded, insured. trained, supervised, and held accountable. Please let us know if we can improve our services for you. 

While you are away, Furry People Pet Sitting cannot share responsibility for your pets with any other parties. This includes friends, neighbors, family, or other pet sitters—whether professional or non professional. Our insurance protects you, your pets, and our sitters and does not include any other parties. If any other persons enter your home and care for your pets during the length of our contracted services, our insurance coverage and bond will not be valid. Thank you for understanding our commitment to upholding our professional standards.

Furry People Pet Sitting employees are certified in both dog and cat first aid. In addition, we have more than twenty-five years of experience caring for special needs animals. Although we offer medication services, Furry People Pet Sitting sitters are not trained in veterinary medicine and are not authorized by any agency to provide licensed veterinary care.

We look forward to providing your pets with a personalized care plan that ensures their health, safety and comfort while you are away.

In scheduling services with Furry People Pet Sitting, client acknowledges that they have read this service contract and agree to its terms.