Canine To 5 Petsitters

Service Contract


This is a contract between Canine To 5 Petsitters (hereinafter called Company) and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called Client).

1.      Client agrees to pay the Company the regular per visit rate, or daily rate, in Cash, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, Check, or Credit Card.  In the event that funds are returned for any reason, the Client is responsible for any extra fees the Company may receive and the remaining balance on the Client’s account.

2.      The Client agrees to pay the rate for visits or boarding on the date the pet is checked in with the Company, upon receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise specified by the Company.

3.      In the event that the Client arrives home early, the Client has the right to allow the Company to continue care for the pets and, if continued service is declined, the full payment is still due as the Company has reserved this time slot in order to care for your pets. It is the Company’s discretion to decline payment for the remainder of the requested service.

4.      In the event that the Client will arrive home late, the Company requires direct confirmation of the unscheduled visits. The Client agrees to pay for the unscheduled visits upon their return.

5.      The Client agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested, and all veterinary costs for the pet during the requested service time. If the pet becomes ill or if the state of the animal’s health requires professional attention, the Company may engage the services of the Client’s preferred vet or administer medicine and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the Client.

6.      The Client releases the Company from all liability related to transportation, treatment, or expenses, resulting from any emergency or special needs as determined by the Company.

7.      The Company agrees that the pet will not be released to anyone but the Client, unless the Client leaves instructions and the name of the party in which the pet may be released to.

8.      The Client specifically represents to the Company that the pet has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within a thirty-day period prior to boarding.

9.      The Client agrees to contact the Company within 48 hours of expected Sitting Date before cancellation fees are applied and within 72 hours if the requested service is during a holiday.

10.  A deposit of 20% of total charge will be submitted to Company at time of initial meeting if sitting schedule is more than 7 days.

11.   The Client agrees to allow the sitter to take a pre-inspection video and a post inspection video.




12.  The Client authorizes the Company to enter the Client’s home to provide the requested services listed on the “Service Agreement”. Said services will be performed in accord with the Client’s most recent request.

13.  The Company is not liable for injury to, or loss of, any pets allowed, at the direction of the Client, access to a doggie door, or allowed outside the Client’s home off a lead or unattended.

14.  The terms of this contract shall commence on this date and terminate in 12 months. Upon the Client’s request to provide services in the future, the Client agrees that this contract shall be extended, in its entirety, without further written authorization. The term of said extension shall commence on the date services are requested and shall terminate 12 months after the last date on which services are performed.

15.  All terms and conditions shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representatives, and assigns of the Client.

The Client fully understands the contents of this contract and agrees to the terms and conditions herein. In the event any part of this contract shall be determined to be invalid, it shall have no bearing on any other part of this contract. Any exceptions to any part of this contract must be in writing and signed by all parties.