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Terms and Conditions

1) K9 Walkers reserve the right to cancel a booking or visit if your pet is aggressive or uncooperative.
2) Regular payments are to be made for dog walking services (weekly/fortnightly or monthly), or our services 
will cease. Payments for pet sitting and overnight services are to be made in full prior to the first visit.
3) Any additional costs incurred by K9 Walkers in the process of recovering payment, will be added to 
      your invoice for payment by you (including debt recovery charges).
4) Our fee will continue to be charged and our services will continue to be provided for regular ongoing
visits or scheduled visits, unless we are notified in writing and acknowledge the notification that you wish 
      to cancel or suspend our services. 
5) Our fee will still be charged if adequate cancellation notice is not given (if en route to your home or we 
      have already arrived, the visit fee will still be charged).
6) Our fee will still be charged should K9 Walkers arrive at your home and are unable to perform the 
      agreed service because your pet is absent, inaccessible, ill, unavailable, uncooperative or aggressive.
7) There will be no refund of fees should you return home early as payment received secures and holds your 
booking spot meaning we are not able to book another job in that time slot. 
8)    In adverse weather conditions such as heat or storms, we may shorten a dog walk for the safety of your dog.
        The remaining time will be spent with your dog and we may be able to do another activity (play, train, groom, hose down),
        but the scheduled fee will remain the same. You can cancel a walk ahead of time when very hot weather etc is forecast.
9) The pet owner agrees to pay any fees charged by both their own and K9 Walkers financial institution,
      should any cheque be dishonoured that they have provided as payment.
10)   K9 Walkers will not be held responsible for any illness or injury that occurs after the supply of 
      any product (food or otherwise) to your pet.
11 The client waives any and all claims against K9 Walkers unless arising from gross negligence on the part 
      of K9 Walkers. This includes any damage to the client's property or belongings caused by the client's pet/s. 
        The client agrees to notify K9 Walkers of any concerns within 24 hours of returning home.  

        Please read and initial the following:

1) I give permission for my pet to be photographed and the pictures can be used for any 
        promotional material for K9 Walkers (including website and social media).
2) I give permission for K9 Walkers to seek veterinary assistance for my pet should they feel it
    is necessary, even if they are unable to contact me before doing so. If veterinary care is required,
    I also give permission for the release of my contact details and pet information to the veterinary 
    clinic/hospital. I will pay all veterinary fees for the treatment of my pet. 
3) I have read and do agree to all K9 Walkers terms and conditions and understand that these terms 
and conditions apply to any and all services provided both now and in the future.