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New Client Customer Portal Notes:

You'll find the step details listed below. Here's a quick overview of the order to proceed:
  1. Download the Doggie Latchkey Mobile App
  2. Complete your Pet Information
  3. Complete your Contact Information
  4. Complete your Payment Information
  5. Tell us what you're looking for, Select  and Schedule Your Services
  6. Schedule your Meet and Greet (initial meet and greet is FREE) Additional greets must be ordered as a sitter service like all services please).  Please remember in order to book a meet and greet we must first know your dates of service.
Most Doggie Latchkey clients love our convenient to use anywhere, MOBILE CLIENT APP! Doggie Latchkey strongly urges new clients to upload this app right away...There's no need to fill out additional information as all of your data from this portal will be right at your fingertips on your mobile device.

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Pet Tab
  • We want to learn everything about your amazing pet(s) so we can best match our pet sitter or dog walker with your pet
  • Medication -  Your pet sitter is not allowed to dispense pills from a bottle.  Clients are required to place pills in a zip lock bag with pet name and instructions for each visit.  Pill organizers are also an option.  Safety of your pet is #1 
  • Insulin - Must be preloaded by the client in syringes for the safety of your pet
  • You also have the option to upload a pet photo. We love seeing your fur babies!
Contact Information Tab 
  • Please include your lockbox and or hide a key information PLUS a back up option should any of these fail
Schedule Service Tab
  • Select type of service and time of service.  Feel free to add helpful sitter notes to each service in the special note box provided 
Vacation pet care 
  • Please use the Special Notes box to tell us the total number of visits needed.  We also want you to note the number of visits on the first and last day of your vacation. It is very helpful to us for scheduling and billing
Overnight and Extended stay 
  • Please add a note in the special note box for this service indicating the start date and time for the sitter departure on the last day
Credit Card Tab  
  • Visa or Master card is accepted. Please carefully enter your card information upon registering to avoid any delay in reserving one of our wonderful dog walkers or pet sitters and please be sure to keep your preferred credit card up to date so there are no delays in your booking now and in the future.  There are no surcharges for using your preferred credit card.  Remember that services cannot be booked without a valid credit card on file in your client portal
Thank you in advance for carefully updating your portal and having everything ready for our scheduling team to assign your sitter or walker. Should you have login difficulties or any issues with this portal set-up you can reach out to us via the easy to use Contact form on the website at Doggie Latchkey.com (Contact Tab).  This method will ensure a timely reply and is always quicker than a phone call.  Please take advantage of using this method so we can be in touch to help you asap.

Doggie Latchkey Pet sitting and Dog Walking looks forward to providing you with our award winning, Blue Ribbon Services.  

  • Terms & Conditions


    This pet sitting service agreement is made between DOGGIE LATCHKEY, LLC and hereinafter referred to as “Doggie
    Latchkey”, and the below named Client, hereinafter referred to a “Client” for pet sitting services.

    1. Client agrees to pay Doggie Latchkey for all services at the time of reservation unless otherwise agreed to. The appointment will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

    2. Client certifies that he/she is the actual owner of the pet(s) indicated above.

    3. Client releases Doggie Latchkey to perform services as stated above, and permits Doggie Latchkey to enter Client’s home upon Client’s request for service made via telephone, e-mail, or in person. Client agrees to notify Doggie latchkey of any concerns within 24 hours of services rendered.

    4. Doggie Latchkey will not unlock or open doors and/or gates on Client’s property for any person(s) company or service at anytime, for any reason, unless directed by the Client.

    5. Client will not hold Doggie Latchkey responsible for any damage to Client’s property, property of others or bodily harm to others that has been caused by the Client’s pet.

    6. Client (Daily or regular client) will notify Doggie Latchkey of visit cancellation at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled visit. Client agrees to pay a $25.00 cancellation fee or the regular visit fee, whichever is less, if the 48-hour noti-fication is not provided. This applies to daily or regular clients.

    7. Client (Vacation, weekend or periodic client) will notify Doggie Latchkey of visit cancellation at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first scheduled visit. Client agrees to pay a $20.00 cancellation fee if the 72-hour notification is not pro-vided. Cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but may be subject to a penalty fee equal to the cost of a full day’s visits. This applies to vacation, weekend or periodic clients.

    8. Major Holiday Vacation sits have a no refund policy due to the high demand for sits. Once booked, we do not offer refunds for any of these specific dates. Holidays are New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Holidays are subject to change at any time based on demand. No exceptions.

    9. Client authorizes Doggie Latchkey to obtain emergency veterinarian care, which may become necessary while Client’s pet(s) are under the care of Doggie Latchkey, if Doggie Latchkey cannot contact client immediately and directly. If Client’s pre-ferred veterinarian is not accessible, Doggie Latchkey is authorized by the Client to seek another veterinarian.

    10. Client is responsible for all veterinarian and emergency expenses, as indicated in the Veterinarian Release segment above.
    Client understands that Doggie Latchkey will not lend money for or cover any veterinary expenses.

    11. Client agrees to pay Doggie Latchkey for emergency pet sitting at the hourly rate of $35.00 , which includes but is not limited to, transportation of the pet(s) to veterinarian office and time spent at the veterinarian’s office. Client releases Doggie Latchkey from any and all liability related to transportation, veterinarian treatment and expenses.

    12. Client certifies that the Emergency Contact person named above has been notified that he/she has been designated as the person who will make decisions on the Client’s behalf in the case of an emergency. The Client agrees to notify Doggie Latchkey immediately, should he/she change the Emergency Contact person.

    13. Client certifies that the Pet Guardian named above has been notified that he/she has been designated as the person who will take responsibility of the Client’s pet(s), should the Client suffer severe injury or death. The Client agrees to notify Doggie Latchkey immediately, should he/she change the Pet(s) Guardian.

    14. Doggie Latchkey is entrusted to exercise the best judgment under circumstances of inclement weather, a natural disaster, a state of emergency, war, or act of God in caring for the Client’s pet(s) and property. Doggie Latchkey shall be held harmless for the inability to visit Client’s property during such particular times.

    15. Client agrees that Doggie Latchkey will not be liable for the injury, disappearance, death or fines of any pet(s) that are left with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

    16. Client agrees that Doggie Latchkey will not be liable for any damages resulting from the performance by Doggie Latch-key of any additional voluntary services which are specifically requested by Client and agreed upon by Doggie Latchkey, i.e., watering plants, bringing in newspaper.

    17. Client warrants that pet(s) to be cared for have no history of vicious or violent behavior.

    18. Client agrees to indemnify, be liable for and compensate Doggie Latchkey for any and all damages suffered by Doggie Latchkey (including its owners, representatives, employees and subcontractors - hereafter referred to as "representa-tives") and/or any third parties, that occurs while Doggie Latchkey is providing services for Client, including, but not limited to, damages caused by the pet(s) to be cared for, personal injury, and all other damages, etc. Client states
    that it has and will continue to maintain homeowners/renters insurance at any and all times Doggie Latchkey is provid-ing services for Client.

    19. Client agrees to lock all windows, screens, and doors prior to leaving his/her home unattended for the safety and securi-ty of the Client’s pet(s), property and that of Doggie Latchkey.

    20. Client agrees to have sufficient pet food, pet medication, pet cleaning supplies and other important pet supplies readily available to Doggie Latchkey prior to departure. In the event of pending rain or inclement weather, Client agrees to have towel(s) available to dry off pet(s) who will be taken outside by DOGGIE LATCHKEY. Client agrees to reim-burse DOGGIE LATCHKEY for all re-supply of products that may become necessary for the satisfactory perfor-mance of duties. Client agrees to compensate Doggie Latchkey for trips made to the store for such products at the hourly rate of

    21. Client agrees to pay a fee of $35.00 per returned check, and agrees to be responsible for any and all costs associated with collection proceedings.

    22. In the event of personal emergency, illness or injury to members or representatives of Doggie Latchkey, Client authorizes
    Doggie Latchkey to arrange for another qualified individual to fulfill the responsibilities set forth.

    23. Doggie Latchkey agrees to provide services as discussed, in a timely, reliable, and caring manner.

    24. Client releases Doggie Latchkey from any and all liability arising out of the services provided, except for direct injuries to the pet(s) or to tangible property resulting from Doggie Latchkey's gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

    25 Doggie Latchkey loves to share pictures and videos of your favorite pets on Facebook and our website. Do we have your permission to use images of your pets? (We never share your personal information, just your pets’ names and city)

    By clicking submit, client affirms they have received a copy of the Policies and Procedures of Doggie Latchkey and agree to the contents therein. Client has read the terms of this agreement and confirms the accuracy of the information provided in the Client Worksheet. The signatures below indicate agreement to these terms.

Doggie Latchkey Terms & Conditions and Service Agreement

This Pet sitting service agreement is mad between Doggie Latchkey, INC and hereinafter referred to as "Doggie Latchkey" and the below named Client, hereinafter referred to as "Client" for pet sitting services.