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This agreement made and entered into this day between Delco Doggie Pet Services of Springfield, PA (hereinafter referred to as "Delco Doggie") and yourself Releasor/Indemnitor (hereinafter referred to as "Owner OR Client").For and in Consideration of the prices noted on www.delcodoggie.com, Delco Doggie agrees to provide loving care for the animal(s)you have registered with us. Such loving care to include, but not be limited to, the following: daily walks, feeding and watering, Potty stops, watering plants as necessary, collecting mail/paper, and medications as noted on Delco Doggie’s instructions in pet info.  By agreeing to this I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions for Delco Doggie pet services.
It is understood and agreed between Owner and Delco Doggie, that this agreement contemplates that Owner will be in need of Delco Doggie’s services from time to time in the future, and it is further understood and agreed that the obligations and covenants contained herein shall apply to each provision of services in the future, without the need of entering into another agreement, unless altered in writing and re-agreed to. Prices are subject to change; however owner will be notified of any price changes prior to new bookings by mail, phone, or e-mail as appropriate.
It is also hereby agreed that Delco Doggie will retain keys and any necessary access codes, properly secured, to Owner’s property until such time as Owner wishes the return of said keys and access codes.  No additional fees will be incurred by Owner for keys given to Delco Doggie at initial meet-n-greet or at time of service, however there will be a pick-up/drop-off or mail fee (see rates on following page) if Delco Doggie must pick up the keys before the next service session, or return keys outside of a scheduled service session.. Keys will ONLY be returned in person to Owner, to Owner’s authorized representative, or by Certified Mail/Return Receipt. Delco Doggie will not “leave” the key at the last visit of a session. Client authorizes Delco Doggie to make copies of the key(s) provided to give to the assigner sitter or sitters to use so the Master can remain on file for emergencies.In the event of an emergency involving the health of any animal being cared for by Delco Doggie, Owner hereby authorizes Delco Doggie to obtain such emergency veterinarian care for Owner’s animal(s) as Delco Doggie may deem necessary. Owner further authorizes Delco Doggie to incur veterinarian costs in the name of Owner. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Delco Doggie from any liability arising from such veterinary charges. The veterinarian to be contacted is to be listed in the client's portal information. As further consideration for the services rendered, Owner agrees to waive and release Delco Doggie and/or their representatives from any claim for injury, loss, and/or death of Owner’s animal(s) and from any claim for loss and/or damage to Owner’s property including, but not limited to, that caused by Owner’s animal(s). If Delco Doggie or a representative from Delco Doggie is found liable for any injury, loss, and/or death of Owner’s animal(s) or any loss and/or damage to Owner’s property including, but not limited to, that caused by Owner’s animal(s), Delco Doggie is only liable for damages totaling no more than a max amount of $1,000.00. For the safety and well being of your animal(s) and the security of your property, “Job Sharing” is absolutely NOT permitted under the terms of this agreement. Therefore, all parties agree that no other person(s), including family members, shall have access to Owner’s animal(s) and/or property during the dates of service except Delco Doggie and/or their representatives.  The police will be called on all intruders or suspicious acts.  Persons that might be on the property, but not “Job Sharing”, will be conveyed to Delco Doggie’s prior to Owner’s departure.Delco Doggie will continue it's services until notification of Owner’s or person’s authorized by Owner return regardless of time of day.  The per visit charge(s) stated above must be paid by first day of session and any unscheduled additional charge(s) incurred by Owner will be due immediately upon Owner’s arrival home unless already paid.  A $10 late fee will be incurred if amount owed is not received by Delco Doggie within 10 days of Owner’s return and will continue each month thereafter until paid.  A “Return Check Charge” of no less than $25 will be incurred for all returned checks.
It is hereby understood that all fees paid to Delco Doggie are non-refundable, however a non-transferable credit will be issued by Delco Doggie and held on file for all unused visits for a period of 12 months from date of notification of cancellation.  Refer to the below Terms and conditions for cancellation policy. Pet owner is responsible for attorney's costs for any legal action necessary for enforcement of this agreement.

Payment & Additional Fees:
(1) All payments are due PRIOR to services taking place. Delco Doggie may deny services if prior payment is not received.
(2) All payments are to be made online thru PayPal or with a Credit Card through the client portal login (link to portal found on www.DelcoDoggie.com) or may be mailed to P.O. Box 166 Springfield PA 19064 in the form of CHECK only, all checks should be made payable to DELCO DOGGIE, and pet’s names should be listed on notes line. CASH payments or Checks left for sitters at time of visit will NOT BE ACCEPTED, all payments are to by made online or mailed in.
(3) A “Return Check Charge” of $25 will be incurred for all returned checks.
(4) Client can choose to pay for multiple services at one time, in the event that a pre-paid service is cancelled, the client may request either an immediate refund or a credit towards future services. Refunds will not be given when requested more than 30 days after canceled services, however a credit towards future services will remain on your account for a period of 1 year.
(5) All food and supplies will be provided by Owner. With multiple day sittings, Delco Doggie reserves the right to purchase additional food and/or supplies for animal(s).  Owner agrees to reimburse Delco Doggie for said additional food and/or supplies immediately upon return.
(6) During an in-home boarding agreement, clients returning home early WITHOUT notifying Delco Doggie, will also be charged for visits as contracted.
Emergency Medical Care:
(1) In the event of a medical emergency, Delco Doggie is authorized to obtain veterinarian care as we deem necessary for your pet.
(2) Delco Doggie will make all attempts to use owner’s requested vet, however if care is unavailable, we reserve the right to take your animal to another Emergency Veterinarian in the area.
(3) Delco Doggie to incur veterinarian costs in the name of Owner. Owner agrees to hold harmless Delco Doggie from any liability arising from such veterinary charges. Owner agrees to reimburse Delco Doggie for any out-of-pocket expenses due to Emergency treatment.
Key Policy:
(1) Delco Doggie requires a copy of your house keys and/or any necessary access codes to be kept on file, prior to the start of service
(2) An address will not appear on your key chain, a code will be assigned to your key to ensure utmost protection.
(3) Delco Doggie will leave any retained Keys with owner at last scheduled appointment, if service is terminated prior to last scheduled appointment, there will be a return fee (see rate schedule)
(4) Delco Doggie reserves the right to make copies of provided keys without clients consent, soley for the purpose of use only by assigned sitter.
(5) In the event that the owner accidentally, locks themselves out, feel free to call Delco Doggie for use of Key on file, client will be charged a Key drop-off fee for this service
(1) All cancellations for services scheduled between Standard Business Hours (8AM-7PM) must be made 2 hours prior to scheduled appointment, or the full cost of scheduled service will be charged.
(2) All cancellations for services scheduled between evening After Business Hours (7PM-11PM) must be made 3 hours prior to scheduled appointment, or the full cost of scheduled service will be charged.
(3) All cancellations for services scheduled between Morning After Business Hours (6AM-8AM) must be made no later than 9PM the night prior to scheduled appointment, or the full cost of scheduled service will be charged.
(4) All Cancellations made on Emergency Appointments will be charged for the full visit regardless of the time of cancellation.
Inclement Weather:
(1) Delco Doggie DOES NOT cancel visits due to light rain, light snow or excessive heat or cold. If you would rather your dog not be exposed to this type of weather, please notify Delco Doggie as soon as possible.
(2) In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Delco Doggie is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for your pets and/or home. Delco Doggie will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.
(3) In the event of extreme weather situations, ie snow storms, hurricanes, floods etc, Delco Doggie reserves the right to cancel non-necessity visits. For instances of necessity (ie client is out of town) Delco Doggie will make every attempt to fulfill a required visit but will not risk the safety of our staff, and therefore may be significantly delayed until we are able to safely reach your home.
General Policies:
(1) It is the owner’s responsibility to keep all Client and Pet information including vaccination records current thru Delco Doggies Client Portal. See attached instructions about accessing the client portal.
(2) Client understands that although one sitter is considered their main sitter, other sitters may complete services w/o advanced notice to client.
(3) Should anyone working for Delco Doggie be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease, ailment or injury directly from Client’s animal or premises, it will be the client’s responsibility to pay all associated costs and damages incurred by the victim.
(4) Delco Doggie reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if anyone working for Delco Doggie does not feel comfortable or safe fulfilling the contract obligations. Delco Doggie will notify client immediately if this situation should arise, and work towards a solution if required.
(5) Delco Doggie reserves the right to deny service to any pets who have a history of biting or fighting amongst themselves.
(6) All pets MUST be current on all vaccinations prior to service.
(7) Delco Doggie reserves the right to contact the local Animal Control Officer in the event a pet runs away.
(8) A $5/stop holiday fee will be added to all major holidays and holiday weekends.