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1. Overview. Client identified below, enters into the agreement with Canine Concierge, its agents, affiliates, contractors, representatives, assistants and/or associates, herein referred to as CANINE CONCIERGE, the contents of the agreement apply to the initial period of time during which services will be rendered, hereinafter referred to as “Service Period,” as well as to any subsequent Service Periods in the future. Details of the services to be provided are expressed separately – in writing, orally or both – and may be changed from time to time upon Client’s notification and CANINE CONCIERGE’s subsequent acknowledgment and agreement. Cost of services are based upon CANINE CONCIERGE’s published rates and fees, which are available for Client’s review, and they are subject to change without notice.
2. Client’s return - CANINE CONCIERGE assumes that Client arrives home on schedule unless notified by phone call, text or email.  If CANINE CONCIERGE does not confirm receiving the phone call, text or email, Client shall assume it was not received and make another attempt to contact CANINE CONCIERGE.
3. Client’s Return and Extension of Service Period. CANINE CONCIERGE assumes that Client arrives home on schedule. In the event of a delay in the Client’s return , Client must contact CANINE CONCIERGE at earliest opportunity. Service Periods may be extended by mutual agreement between CANINE CONCIERGE and Client preferably by email or via Pet Sit Click. In case of international travel, cruise ship travel, or emergency situations, in which an emergency telephone call to CANINE CONCIERGE is not possible or practical, CANINE CONCIERGE may extend the Service Periods to accommodate the needs of the pets, plants and home for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours. If no contact is made to CANINE CONCIERGE within seventy-two (72) hours, CANINE CONCIERGE, reserves the right to surrender key(s) of the home and the care of its animal inhabitants to a pre-specified Emergency Contact, at which point the Service Period closes.
4. Inclement Weather.  In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, CANINE CONCIERGE is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home.  CANINE CONCIERGE will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions. 
5. Vaccinations and ID Tags.  All dogs under the care of CANINE CONCIERGE will have all appropriate and current vaccinations, including, but not limited to DHP, Corona Virus, Bordetella and Rabies.  Should CANINE CONCIERGE, or any other persons who may come in contact with the dog, be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease received from Client’s pet which has not been properly and currently vaccinated, it will be the Client’s responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred by the victim.  ID and Rabies Vaccination tags must be attached to the dog’s collar at all times and the dog must be licensed properly with the town and/or county.
6. Food and Supplies. Client agrees to ensure that an adequate amount of food and/or other supplies are available, obtainable, in good condition, and in a location that CANINE CONCIERGE can easily locate in the home prior to the commencement of the Service Periods and for the duration of the entire Service Period. Client understands that depletion of such food and/or other supplies would result in CANINE CONCIERGE replenishment with the same or a reasonable substitute in any quantity at client’s expense, plus applicable errand surcharges.
7. Security Systems CANINE CONCIERGE is not liable for any charges, fines, or other damages resulting from the malfunction or unintended triggering of a security system.
8. Keys/Lockout Two keys to the home will be given to CANINE CONCIERGE to keep unless a lockbox is purchased and a key will be kept on premise at all times. We highly recommend a back-up key to be held in our office, in the event of a key or lockbox malfunction. If a garage code is offered to gain entry to your home, it is the client’s responsibility for any missed visits due to malfunction or power outage.  In the event that CANINE CONCIERGE is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry into a client’s premises due to the malfunction of the lock, or failure of Client to provide a functioning key to CANINE CONCIERGE, it shall be the responsibility of Client to reimburse CANINE CONCIERGE for all costs incurred. The Client expressly gives CANINE CONCIERGE the authority to employ a locksmith on Client’s behalf in the event of the aforementioned circumstance(s).
9. Property Damage. CANINE CONCIERGE is not responsible for damage to Client’s property caused by Client’s pet(s) during the Service Period. If any neighbor, friend, family member, contractor, or other Client representative enters Client’s home or property during a Service Period, CANINE CONCIERGE is not responsible for damages or loss to Client’s property.
10. Personal Injury. Client assumes responsibility for injuries and disabilities sustained by CANINE CONCIERGE caused by clients’ pets and/or home, including, but not limited to, bites, scratches, mauls, hazards, etc., beyond the limits of Canine Concierge’s Workers Compensation Insurance Policy ($100,000 per accident). CANINE CONCIERGE generally does not provide service for aggressive animals. If client misrepresents an animals history of aggression, client places CANINE CONCIERGE at substantial risk and may be liable for significant punitive damages. If any of client’s pets exhibit signs or acts of aggression after client enters this agreement, client is obligated to notify CANINE CONCIERGE of the incident(s) (a) at once if a service period is pending, or (b) upon requesting future service. CANINE CONCIERGE decision to provide care to an animal(s) following client disclosure of unsatisfactory animal’s behavior does not indemnify client from claims resulting from such animal(s). If CANINE CONCIERGE takes pet(s) off clients premise(s), client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CANINE CONCIERGE for any injury or damage which may be caused to others by the actions of clients pet(s), or to clients pet(s) caused by the actions of other animal(s), including, but not limited to, loose or stray dogs.
11. Plant Care. Upon request CANINE CONCIERGE will provide reasonable plant maintenance, however client indemnify CANINE CONCIERGE from liability in the event the plant becomes damaged.
12. Outdoor Animal(s). CANINE CONCIERGE is not responsible for injury, disappearance, or death of pet(s) with unaided or unassisted access to the outdoors, such as indoor/outdoor cats and including dog doors. Unaided or unassisted access will include but not be limited to pet doors.
13. Loss of Animal(s). CANINE CONCIERGE strongly encourages client to maintain legible and accurate identification on pet(s), even if the pet(s) is not normally provided access to the outdoors. Clients should insure that an animal(s), which may be quick to spring from the premise upon the opening of a door or gate, is additionally restrained from the exit. (i.e. Crate, internal door, etc.) If client fails to comply with such reasonable and prudent precautions, then client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CANINE CONCIERGE from the loss of such pet(s).
14. Non-Negligence.   CANINE CONCIERGE will not be held responsible for the following:
    a. Sickness, injury, loss or death of pets through non-negligence.  Canine Concierge will follow company protocol for pets that become sick or injured.  Canine Concierge will make every reasonable effort to locate a lost or missing pet.
    b. Damage to carpets, rugs, floors, plants or lawns caused by pets urinating, spraying or defecating.  Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up messes that are found by Canine Concierge with cleaning materials made available by the client.
    c. The condition of leashes, collars and/or harnesses used in walking pets.  Client should ensure that such equipment is in good condition prior to use by Canine Concierge.
    d. The condition or security of fences, doors and gates for areas to which pets are confined.  Client should ensure that confinement area is secure and safe for the pet prior to leaving pets.
    e. The injury, disappearance, death, or fines of pet(s) with access to the outdoors.
    f. The utmost of care will be given in watching both your pet and your home.  However, due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps of extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e. biting, furniture damage, damage to personal belongings, accidental death, etc.) or any complications in administering medications to the animal.  
15. Urgent Animal Care. In case of an illness or injury that CANINE CONCIERGE believes to threaten clients pet(s) lives or quality of life, CANINE CONCIERGE will make every reasonable attempt to secure prompt treatment for clients pet(s). Client authorizes CANINE CONCIERGE to authorize emergency first aid and/or medical surgical treatment to clients pet(s) at a veterinary clinic of CANINE CONCIERGE ’s choice during the service period, and client agrees to be solely responsible for all expenses incurred resulting from such effort, even if unsuccessful, up to limits designated in writing, or if not available, at CANINE CONCIERGE ‘s discretion. Due to the nature and urgency of some pet(s) health emergency, where time is of the essence, there may not be time to consult with client and/or Client specified emergency contact(s) when CANINE CONCIERGE considers it’s safe and/or appropriate to do so.
16. Urgent Home Care. In the event that Client’s home is damaged during the Service Period, and if CANINE CONCIERGE will first attempt contact with Clients and/or Emergency Contact(s) to establish a plan of action, and if neither Client, nor Emergency Contact(s), can be reached, Client authorizes CANINE CONCIERGE to take appropriate steps to return the property to a safe, secured and/or stable condition at Client’s expense. Examples of such urgent home care include but are not limited to window breakage, water damage due to plumbing problems, forced entry, tree limb damage, vehicle damage, etc.
17. Trespassers. During the Service Period there is to be no one else allowed on the Client’s property (including home and yard) without prior approval from both CANINE CONCIERGE and the Client. If anyone other than CANINE CONCIERGE enters the client’s property during the Service Period without advance acknowledgment to CANINE CONCIERGE, the Client will be responsible for all situations thereafter the trespasser’s entry.
18. Discretionary License. If CANINE CONCIERGE determines, at its sole discretion, that it is unsafe to enter Client’s property and/or approach Client’s pet(s), or if damages or injuries occur during the Service Period, CANINE CONCIERGE reserves the right to close the Service Period prior to its scheduled closure and/or secure one or more pets in any manner necessary, including, but not limited to, crating, tethering, confining, off-site boarding, off-site kenneling, or off-site sheltering, at Client’s expense.
19. Mandatory Arbitration: If a dispute arises between CANINE CONCIERGE and the client any action must be attempted to be resolved by either mediation or non-binding arbitration before any legal action is commenced. If either party institutes mediation or arbitration it is agreed that the rules of the American Arbitration Association will govern the proceedings. The parties agree to split mediation and arbitration costs.
20. Attorneys’ Fees. If client commences a legal proceeding to enforce or obtain a declaration of rights under this agreement, and CANINE CONCIERGE becomes the prevailing party in such proceeding, then CANINE CONCIERGE shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the proceeding from the non-prevailing Client, as well as any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs that CANINE CONCIERGE incurred prior to commencing the proceeding.
21. Payment Terms. Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, payment will be charged to Client’s credit card on file, or if no credit card is on file, Client will be invoiced, on a bi-weekly schedule for any services rendered during the previous two weeks. A late fee of $10.00 per month will be charge for any invoices that are thirty (30) days overdue. Returned checks are subject to a thirty dollar handling charge, and may result in cash payment being required (a) in advance for future services and/or to settle and existing outstanding balance. Accounts outstanding more than ninety  days from the end of the Service Period may be turned over to a collection agency. Client agrees to pay all costs associated with the employment of such collection agency in obtaining or attempting to obtain the outstanding balance due and applicable late fee(s). 
22. Severance and Choice of law: If any term or terms of this agreement are deemed invalid or illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, that term shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey.
23. Pictures. Client agrees to have pictures taken of their pets if CANINE CONCIERGE wants to use them for marketing purposes. The pictures will only be of the pets and no breach of security will be at risk.

This contract is valid from the date below and applies to all future services provided by Canine Concierge.  I certify that I have reviewed this contract for accuracy and understand and agree to all the conditions stated herein.